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We Are Developers at Heart

Our approach to software is that of excellence, relevance, accessibility and usability and we have the necessary experience and expertise to build the kind of solution that will suit your company’s needs. We are continuously seeking ways to provide our clients with best solution current cutting edge technology has to offer while at the same time ensuring that our solution provide our clients a usable product capable of realising a return on the investment made in developing their solution.

We Are Available

Omalaeti Technologies is a local company based right here in Windhoek. We are just a phone call away with our developers and support staff all ready to provide you world class services. This is what makes us one of the best ICT service providers in Namibia.

Customised Software and Solutions

We believe in developing our own solutions that are targeted towards the Namibian landscape. We do not use third party software and force it on clients. We prefer to provide solutions that work for our clients

The latest and greatest

Enterprises seeking a digital edge transform processes, business models and the best customer experience by exploiting digital connections.

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